HP Proliant ml350 G5 E200i RAID 5

We have a HP proliant ml350 g5 running 3 drives in raid5 running server 2008 x86, we had a drive in our array go bad . so we swapped the drive with a new one. The server did not rebuild the array like it should have. Instead it thinks a drive on Port 1 Box 1 Bay 2 is a part of the raid which everything else is on Port 2 Box 1 Bay 1 and 3 and WAS 2 . We put the drive in and it now shows Port 2 Box1 Bay2 has a drive in it as unconfigured. i can figure out how to remove the Non existent FAILED drive and add the unconfigured drive back in the RAID so it may rebuild. I have attached the ADUReport.
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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
You have to add the new drive to the existing array and designate is as a spare drive in that array before the array config software will see it. Or, you can simply designate it as a "hot spare" which will be seen as usable for any existing array. Once it's seen as a spare/hot spare, the array will start rebuilding automatically onto that new drive.

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sporkinaAuthor Commented:
in what software would i do that with? I wasnt the one who set any of these up if you had a link or could tell me some steps to fallow i would be much appreciative. And it would save my weekend.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
sporkinaAuthor Commented:
thank you so much i read further and saw that the cache module needed to be charged and thats why i wasnt seeing those options. it seem the cache module has failed. so we are -planning to take one from a working machine.

Thanks Again
Unfortunately you cannot modify a degraded array, which annoyingly means you can't add a hot spare to it. Works with Dell PERCs but not HP Smart Array controllers.

Drives moving on Smart Array controllers occurred on parallel SCSI controllers when address lines failed, haven't seen it happen on SAS controllers such as e200 before though. I can only suggest trying the replacement in what other slots are available. Maybe swapping the cables over on the controller or backplane will do the trick since that would swap the port they are on, and maybe that's how the drive got relocated in the first place.
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