Windows ports for server access

What TCP ports are used by a client trying to access a file server to download files using a UNC name such as \\
I need to know so that I can configure a firewall appropriately.

Thanks in advance,

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jpgobertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just to be thorough in my answer I should mention that UDP 135-139 and TCP 135-139 are the legacy SMB ports in addition to TCP 445.  You should be able to just use TCP 445 though as there are security concerns with the legacy implementation.  I'd setup the firewall rules with just 445 to start and run a test.  If everything works like you expect then I'd avoid opening 135-139.
TCP 445
alcindorAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.
I have configured the firewall using the Admin control Panel from 1 & 1 who have provided me with a  cloud server (Microsoft Server 2012). I still can't access the server using SMB from a windows 7 or Windows Xp machine using \\
I was using this successfully last week but over the weekend it stopped working. I can still remote desktop onto the server and 1 & 1 support tell me that they don't support server configuration so I'm a bit stuck at the moment. If I can't fix it I will probably post another question in a different EE section after referring to the links supplied.
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