Get initials of names

I have thousands of names in a Player Name column, and I'm wanting to store within another column the initials.

For example the following names would convert to the names on the right:

John McCarthy Blackham > JM Blackham
Nathaniel Frampton Davis Thomson > NFD Thomson
Henry Jupp -> H Jupp

How could this be done, so I could run something like this?

Update Player
Set PlayerNameInitials = getinitials()

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You could create a stored function getinitials which has an input varchar parameter (the full name) and returns your desired result.
The stored function can use a repeat... until loop.

Check this example:
Here is the MySQL documentation for Create Function and Repeat syntax.
Cornelia YoderArtistCommented:
I assume the delimiters are always a space?

In MySQL, you could use SUBSTRING_INDEX() to find the last space and SUBSTRING() to pick out the last name, then repeat that on the earlier words, but I think you'd need a CASE() to handle 1, 2, 3, or 4 part names (could there be 5?).  SUBSTRING() can then give you the first letter of each word.

Do you have to do this in MySQL query?  If it's a one time thing, it would be much easier to do it in php.


$player = "Nathaniel Frampton Davis Thomson";
$array = explode(" ",$player);
for ($i=0;$i<count($array)-1;$i++)
  $newname .= substr($array[$i],0,1);
$newname .= " ".$array[count($array)-1];

echo $newname;
Here you have the stored function code:
USE `my_own_database`;
DROP function IF EXISTS `get_shortened_name`;

USE `test`$$
CREATE FUNCTION `get_shortened_name`(full_name varchar(80)) RETURNS varchar(50) 
	declare nPos int;
	declare sWord varchar(25);
	declare sResult varchar(50); 
	declare sTemp varchar(80);
	set nPos = 0;
    set sTemp = trim(full_name);
	set sResult = '';

while locate(' ', sTemp) > 0 do
	set nPos = locate(' ', sTemp); -- find the position of ' '
	set sResult = concat(sResult, upper(left(sTemp, 1)));
	set sTemp = right(sTemp, length(sTemp) - nPos);	-- remaining part
end while;

	set sResult = concat(sResult, ' ', sTemp);

RETURN sResult;


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then call it in your query:
SELECT FullName, get_shortened_name(FullName) 
FROM NamesTable;

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PeterErhardAuthor Commented:
Awesome function, thanks so much. That works an absolute treat :)
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