Server Backup - Disaster Recover Strategies

We are looking at our backup system and disaster recovery strategies. Most modern backup systems now seem to rely on backup images being created rather than backing up on a file by file basis. Although we can see many advantages of backup images when it comes to a fast restore of the server our concern is that if there were a serious problem with the backup image that there is a (very small) possibility that nothing could be retrieved from it. We are considering that in addition to the backup image that we should also back up critical data on a file by file basis, for example the accounts system, database files and selected office files. I would be most interested to hear others opinions on this matter. We are of course going to rotate backup copies from both systems off site.


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File and folder can be simply backed up using the default WINDOWS backup and restore option that you can simply find in the control panel..

If you are looking for professional PAID software use Acronis
Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
As you said most of the backups are works on block level, it take complete full volume backups.. where the requirement which you asked for filesystem that also get included.

I will prefer go with latest backup technology which will give many more feature which you wont get in traditional backups.

As volume level / block level backup include all files then no need to go for other solution to backups only files and database.
Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
in short it does not mean that you can not recover files or database from modern backup solution..

modern backups solution also gives options to mount backup images to recover files and folders.
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jhswinsonAuthor Commented:
It seems I need to clarify what I stated in the original question.

1. I am not asking whether one system is better than another I am asking if it could be advantageous to use two systems which are based different methods.

2. I do  understand that when image backups work OK they are backup everything and have lots of advantages. The question is do they ALWAYS work OK ? and if they don't can you end up with an backup image file that it is not possible to recover data from.

Hope this makes question clearer

Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
Answer for your question.

1) all the backup solution advice do not run multiple backup solution or it will hammer backups. they may get conflict with each other.. ( if still you want to perfer multiple solution then you just have to need configure schedule such way they should not get conflict with each other ).

2) of course they run smoothly ( that's the reason they charge heavily ), chances for corruption is very less ( corruption will come if any thing wrong with Physical server ( disk errors) they will corrupt backups images  and you will face issue while creating VM machine the backup image . but as your requirement is only for file and folder that can be recovered from corrupt backups images too

check of above sites to understand more
The problem with using two systems is the amount the writers can process at one time as most back ups still use the VSS writers from microsoft on their systems. We run commvault which does a block level backup and run one Full at the end of each week with incrementals to run in between to save space. Once we have at least 2 weeks of onsite data we truncate and replicate our data to offsite secure cloud storage for disaster recovery scenario. It might be a good idea to enable VSS, which would allow you to recover previous versions faster than running two separate back up software.

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