Get Season From Match Date

I have a table that contains a series of MatchDates, i.e:


I need to add another column for the Season the match was played in.


The Season would be 2011-12 if the Match Date was between 1-Oct-2011 to 31-Mar-2012
The Season would be 2012 if the Match Date was between 1-Apr-2012 to 30-Sep-2012

Apart from manually setting up update satements for the past 200 years, is there a quick and easy way to automate this?
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use a case statement to add on this column


CASE (yourdatecolumn)
WHEN (yourdatecolumn) BETWEEN '1-Oct-2011'  and  '31-Mar-2012 ' THEN '2011-12 '
WHEN (yourdatecolumn) BETWEEN '1-Apr-2012 ' and  '30-Sep-2012 ' THEN '2012 '
END as Season
this way you wont have to actually "update" your table
just add that case statement into your query /view/SP/Trigger  or whatever you use when your extacting that data and it will create that column on the fly whenever needed  :)
you can create a stored function
USE `my_own_database`;
DROP function IF EXISTS `get_season`;

USE `test`$$
CREATE FUNCTION `get_season`(given_date date) RETURNS varchar(10)
	declare sResult nvarchar(10);
	declare nYear integer;

	set nYear = year(given_date);

	if given_date between date(concat(nYear, '04', '01')) and date(concat(nYear, '09', '30')) then 
		set sResult = nYear;
	elseif given_date > date(concat(nYear, '09', '30')) then
		set sResult = concat(nYear, '-', (nYear+1));
		set sResult = concat((nYear-1), '-', nYear);
	end if;

RETURN sResult;


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then call it in your query
select date_of_match, get_season(date_of_match) as season from MatchTable

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to update your table (let's say you already have an empty string field Season)
update MatchTable set Season = get_season(date_of_match)

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PeterErhardAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much :)
You're welcome
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