Snapshot agent in a loop?

Hi experts,

Long time no ask!  But now I am getting into SQL Server merge replication (SQL 2008 R2).

I got a simple scenario working very well but it used my windows domain account for everything. So I took the Microsoft tutorials about secure replication with local accounts for all the agents and setting a share on the snapshot folder.

Got it all set up (in SSMS), created a publication, went to start the snapshot agent (security: repl_snapshot account) and, well, it's still starting the agent 24 hours later. I go to stop it, and I get an error saying it can't stop it because it isn't running.

It may well be a permissions issue, but tbh I'm lost.

Two problems - 1) to stop the snapshot agent and 2) to get it running OK.

Any ideas welcome.

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colinspursConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi, I managed to solve it by making the repl_snapshot account an administrator.
colinspursAuthor Commented:
Okay, some slight progress.  The snapshot agent resolved itself and stopped.

Now I get the error message that access was denied to the default snapshot folder, but when I look at this folder it is shared, and the repl_snapshot account has full permissions on this share.
Please, have a look to the Windows Security Log. You might find some records reporting permission denied. The details of these records show who/what is trying to access the share. It could even be an anonymous or machine account attempting.
colinspursAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply, but that might be difficult...I'll keep you posted.

colinspursAuthor Commented:
In replication, the agents need to be administrator to write to a folder, even if it is shared.
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