Hi Experts,

My plan is to establish new concierge business and I want to know what do I need to buy hardware and software.

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Reid PalmeiraConnect With a Mentor Telecom EngineerCommented:
Depending on # of customers / clients you expect to have and what kind of records you want to keep you'll probably wants some kind of CRM software that can tie into your phone system. This would allow things like caller ID info to access customer account information so your call center agents can answer the phones more personally.

You've already indicated you want a VoIP provider, that can mean a lot of things. Could mean using something like a SIP Trunk going to a PBX in an office type call center somewhere, might just be a VoIP client like Skype or Google Voice on a mobile phone. Can you be any more specific about what you mean by VoIP or what the business reason is why you're looking for a VoIP solution?

You'll want some sort of voip system that can provide ACD functionality (Automatic Call Distribution).

There's lots of different options for these, with prices ranging from free / open source (if you're willing to hire someone or put in the time your self to get them up and running) to off-the-shelf software to trully custom solutions that would tie everything together into nice interfaces.

Can you explain a little more about what you're looking to set up? Or what you want the telephony and computer systems to actually do from a business perspective?
What are you trying to provide more specifically?
Are you trying to have a guest wireless network?
lexmark1Author Commented:
Thanks mate,
I will receive call from clients like call centre using voip.
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