Router with Bandwidth Management / Filtering / Splash Screen

I have a small area where I have set up a public WiFi network for visitors.

Currently it is open use with no filtering or Bandwidth management so people could sit streaming if necessary and view anything they want.

Is there a router out there which would make it possible to limit the bandwidth per connection or prevent streaming and fliter traffic and if possible have a splash screen for users to agree to terms?

Is this all possible from one device or what are the options to achieve something similar?

Currently it is a BT Infinity connection so has an Openreach modem going to the BT Router and from that to external access points.
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
I suggest installing a Sonicwall firewall with Content Filtering. It allows the options you mentioned and also allows you to block visitors from acccess your network. You can setup a visitor class for wireless users so they can only access the internet but not your pc's or servers in the network.

You can also set it up to assign those users to a different IP scheme so they are really seperated from the corporate environment.

We current;y use the TX210 and TZ215 firewalls for clients like this
I agree that a SonicWall or a device similar would be your best bet.

If that type of solution is not in your budget, you can also look at  They allow you to  install their OS on an old computer/server for free.   Some of the features you want are also free, while others are a paid subscription similar to what SonicWall/Watchdog/Cisco have.
harris9999Author Commented:
I was after something a bit more simple / cheaper. Without a computer it is mainly for the Public Wifi access - there is only one computer internally using it and no protection issues to worry about
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Look into a something from Dlink, Netgear or Linksys. They make wireless routers that will provide most of that functionality at a lower cost. The quality and consistantcy of the service may not be the same.

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The only other solution I can think of without purchasing business class equipment, would be to look into DD-WRT which is an open source firmware for routers, however, the complexity increases as you need to find a router that is compatible, flash different firmware on it, then read up on how to configure it.

I believe most residential based routers won't come with the type of bandwidth management, filtering, or splash screens you are looking for.

Best of luck!
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