Laptop resolution with external TV as duplicate monitor, screen size/resolution question

hi, ive an hp 6455b laptop, win 7, and the screen resolution i use is the maximum for this system, 1024x768.

when i use the FUNCTION F4 to 'duplicate' display to the external HD television we on the wall, the it works... however the laptop screen reduces and cuts off the left and right, well doesnt cut it off, but now theres large black column/blocks on the left/right (margin like). ive attached a screen shot.

thus, i need to goto the screen resolution and change it to 1024x600 to fil lthe laptop screen properly, but obviously its less resolution quality...
any ideas?
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Your TV resolution probably won't go high enough to match the highest res you were using on the Laptop. In this case, it appears the TV needs to be replaced with a newer one that is capable of the higher res or stay with the lower res on the laptop when you connect it to the TV.
MarcHelfandAuthor Commented:
ill check, however this is a brand new, LG high def, 52 inch they installed, id assume its got the quality of a 3 year old hp laptop video ill look into it.
is therea way to make the lpatop keep its quality ,and the external just goto its max?
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Have you tried connencting to the TV's HDMI connection? That might help.
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MarcHelfandAuthor Commented:
well i think thats the thing, as currently we're using the vga output for the laptop, as i need to get an hdmi cable and an adapter to connect to laptop, whic i have one, im just awaiting the hdmi cable [20 '].
i think thats will do it.
thanks you for the ideas, as soon as i realized its connected to vga, i knew that was probably it, then i saw your answer and kinda realized that its the connectio interface, the vga versus hdmi input on tv

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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
I object to the way this posting is being closed. My suggestion mentioned used HDMI instead of VGA. The Author confirms this is probably the solution but he closes it with no points awarded for my suggested solution.
MarcHelfandAuthor Commented:
thanks again. thats what i think it is pretty much, the vga interface vs the hdmi.
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