Active Directory and VOIP over Cable Business broadband?

Considering leaving guaranteed T3 for Comcast Business DSL, but concerns about VOIP and Active Directory replicating over a hardware established VPN tunnel back to main corp offices.  Comcast business has no SLA guaranteed up time nor offer any QOS etc.. so not sure what issues i may come across with this type of broadband when the AD 2008 GC server that is at that remotes site is to replicate across the tunnel over cable broadband back to the main office.  As well VOIP phones at remote hit the Juniper system across the tunnel too.

Inpu/feedback on this topic, preventative measures, considerations etc would be greatly appreicated???

The comcast business cable 50mb prices are alsmost 2/3rds less than the T3 althogh guaranteed/dedicated lines.  Thx
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SouljaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's really a "Get what you pay for situation".
How important are these remote sites if they can't syn AD as quickly due to lower bandwidth possibilities, as well as the VOIP Calls.
You won't be able to QOS the VPN tunnel, but you can still QOS the traffic withing the VPN Tunnel.
Since you are saving so much you could get a secondary ISP and pin a VPN over that also for failover or traffic redirection for certain traffic.
dee30Author Commented:
goal isnt' to keep the expensive T3 although guaranteed. hopefully others will comment. Thx
dee30Author Commented:
assigning in order to close.  thx
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