sbs 2003 CAL questions

Would you consider this server to have licensing issues?

SBS 2003 server has added additional users and computers over the past 8 years.  It currently has about 35-40 computers on the domain, and 65 users who have accounts in active directory.

License status on server:
Under licensing, the maximum usage has shown 35 for over two years, even with users and computers being added and removed from the domain.
Installed licenses is at 45.

Disconnect issues:
Several users report disconnect and sign on issues, with the message "Working Offline.  You are no longer connected to server xxxxx,..'"
The users who report the issue at one location are the two secretaries who usually have multiple documents open, and handle a high volume of email.
One of the secretaries moved to a new location in the building, on a new computer, and new internet connection, and still has disconnect issues.
Users with mobile devices frequently have issues with email and calendar synchronization, but with no notable errors in the server logs.
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ZabagaRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I really doubt its a licensing problem. But the number of possibilities of what it could be are pretty large. You're really best off searching google using the error you see. Do those users also have network drives that display as disconnected when that problem occurs?

I've seen solutions like "re-initializing the offline cache & db" :

But you may have a connectivity issue (dropped network packets) at that one site or on a switch or router, settings on the NIC on the PCs affected...

It's really pretty wide open. You'll have to narrow the problem down.
Can you set up a scheduled task on the PCs affected and have them run constant ping tests in the background, output to a file? You could have the workstations ping their local default gateway, a device local in their own office like a printer, then the server at the remote site they're being disconnected from, reportedly.

Set a scheduled task to run once per minute and contains:

date /t >> c:\pings.log
time /t >> c:\pings.log
ping def_gateway_address_here >> c:\pings.log
ping printer_ip_here >> c:\pings.log
ping myserver_ip >> c:\pings.log

Once you see an offline event, check the ping log and see if you dropped any packets.
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