TSM server licenses

Hi again wmp...;)

After installed TSM successfully server 6.3 from the URL you have sent me:


when I start TSM server it told me it's a trial version which expires on 30 days. So, the question is:

If we have an old licensed TSM 5.5 on production working properly, can we use this license for our new TSM 6.3.4 version? If yes, how can I import or install this 5.5's license o 6.3 server?

Thanks again...
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Hi again,

normally you should find several license files in your installation directory,


If these files are present you can register the licenses under "dsmadmc" with (for e.g. the Extended Edition):

REG LIC FILE=/opt/tivoli/tsm/server/bin/tsmee.lic

These are just server licenses, the "client" licenses no longer need to be registered, you can run as many clients as you like, but take care not to run more clients as there are purchased licenses, because IBM will perform a license audit from time to time!

If you don't have those files this is due to the download source. It might well be that only installation images coming from Passport Advantage (which you can only access if you purchased the product) contain license files.

Moving licenses from 5.x to 6.x can only be done in an administrative, not technical way, because 5.x didn't have license files.

So if you didn't purchase a 6.x license you'll have to talk to your IBM representative to have them transfer the old licenses so you can get the license files from IBM.

Sorry for that, but I just can't remember if there are additional charges for the migration from 5 to 6.

sminfoAuthor Commented:
well.. we have purchase tsm 6x, in deed, I can download it from passport advantage, just that in this case, I installed the packages from the URL you sent me the other day and this question  about tsm client licenses came to my mind...

In my case I have licenses on:

(tsm1):[root] /usr/tivoli/tsm/server/bin -> ls -ltr  *.lic
-r-xr-xr-x    1 root     system          890 Nov 08 2007  tsmee.lic
-r-xr-xr-x    1 root     system          895 Nov 08 2007  tsmbasic.lic
-r-xr-xr-x    1 root     system          888 Nov 08 2007  dataret.lic

So, now that I have installed tsm 6x without license, the only way to have tsm 6x is installing it from passport advantage because licences can not be copied from one server to another... am I right?
You do have license files. Are they from 5.x?  If so, which was your final 5.x version? My old 5.4 server didn't have license files!

If the files are from 6.x check for "TryandBuy" inside (they're plain text).

If there is "No" or if the files are from 5.x you can take them and run the REG LIC commands against them and everything should be fine.

If there is "Yes" you should indeed install again from the official source. You could use a spare machine for that to transfer just the license files after installation.

Don't try to change "Yes" to "No" manually, there is a checksum.
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sminfoAuthor Commented:
Yes, this server was upgrade it from 5.2 oto 5.3 on 2010...so I believe this licenses were from old version....

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
Command Line Administrative Interface - Version 5, Release 5, Level 3.0

The above TSM is our  production server now, ok? So, I installed a new 6.x on a new server using the files from  FTP-IBM but they are trial (just 30 days). So, I order to not reinstall again 6.x using installer from passport advantage, I wanted to know if there a way to migrate licences of our old TSM server to this 6.x trial version...?

But I think it's better to install it from passport advantage..;) Do you agree? ;)
Please try the license files you found!

If TSM 5.5 already worked with license files (5.4 and below didn't) then the format will most probably be compatible so you can happily use them!

Just go to dsmadmc and run (if the lic files are located on the same box, if not,transfer them to a convenient place):

REG LIC FILE=/usr/tivoli/tsm/server/bin/tsmee.lic

What happens? Don't worry, this command can't do any harm.

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sminfoAuthor Commented:

Thanks... going to change the other question I made to a new one...
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