Passing parameter from HTML to javascript function

I am trying to pass a html control value to a javascript function.   My field is ifWOnumber, but when it opens the page the URL says


        function PrintThisPage(ord_no) {
            var sOption = "toolbar=yes,location=no,directories=yes,menubar=yes,";
            var ord = document.getElementById("ifWOnumber").value;
            sOption += "scrollbars=yes,width=750,height=600,left=100,top=25";
            var winprint ="CSSerialization_PrintWO.aspx?number=" + ord, "Print", sOption);


What am I doing wrong?
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Assuming inline js

var ord = document.getElementById("<%= ifWOnumber.ClientID %>").value;
red_75116Author Commented:
The pop up window opens, but this is the URL on the page
If you view the page source what is the id of ifWOnumber - is it just ifWOnumber or some .net inspired ID
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Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
Use UniqueID to get the required value:
var ord = document.getElementById("<%= ifWOnumber.UniqueID %>").value;

Your control's container is introducing prefixes thus the need for UniqueID to identify the control. This solution only works for inline JS not if the method is declared in a JS file.

Where is PrintThisPage called/declared?Inline?
red_75116Author Commented:
Using a custom control called inputfield and the id is ifWOnumber
The ID is generated at run time, you need to use

var ord = document.getElementById("<%= ifWOnumber.ClientID %>").value;


var ord = document.getElementById("ifWOnumber").value;

There is not ID of ifWOnumber when the html is generated.

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