Exchange across 2 AD sites - Issuesgetting set up.

I am putting in a new exchange environment in a new AD site we just set up.  We are treating it ad a DR site but it will be active as far as exchange is concerned - so that I can put DAGs across the sites.  I am aiming at getting it seamless for access to both sites from both sites.  I would like to keep the same external URL for both sites can I do that?

Site A
I have currently 2 CAS servers in an array (not using it because WIN NLB would not work with the vmware) and 4 hub/mbx servers.

externalurl - (/ecp /oab ...etc)
internalurl = default from install ie

Site B
I have 2 CAS servers installed and 4 hub/mbx servers.

externalurl - (/ecp /oab ...etc)
internalurl = default from install ie

From Site B CAS server:
I can get to OWA on the cas servers on site B for all users on site B if I use the internal url.
I can not get to OWA on the cas servers on site B for all users on site A if I use the internal url.
I can get to users on Site A using the external url, but not Site B users

From Site A Client
I can get to the internalurl for site B OWA and it redirects me (manually) back to the  site A Cas servers.

I can access the mailbox of a Site B homed user from my Outlook 2010 client.

Please help if you can!

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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
In that case you can have only one site as Internet facing site. Which is normally used by everyone.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
You need to setup cross-site silent redirection here. Read this:

Focus on redirection section.
cdshreveAuthor Commented:
So I'll have to get new certificates for what ever I choose  as my second site name, ie  or and the silent redirection will make the OWA seamless.  I was trying to avoid having 2 different external url's.  I guess I could rout everything from the outside to the primary site and have the CAS in that site do the redirection.
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cdshreveAuthor Commented:
ok so /owa  /ecp /ews and/ active sync     are all empty now in the external URL field and I can get to them directly (internalurl) but not by using the external for the primary site.  It tells me the mailbox is unavailable. ugh.

Thank you for helping out, it is VERY much appreciated...
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
leaving for the day, i can catch this up tomorrow again. I know it is bit confusing, might need to read some old docs which i created long back...
cdshreveAuthor Commented:
I initially started getting an error from outlook clients (once I installed the new CAS servers in the new site) that when they tried to create a new message - and they may have been connected to the new CAS servers - they would get a certificate error.  I applied the changeg below and here is the result:

AWXXX = original site
KWXXX = new site

PS C:\> Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory

Name                                    Server                                  InternalUrl
----                                    ------                                  -----------
EWS (Default Web Site)       AWCAS01

EWS (Default Web Site)       AWCAS02

EWS (Default Web Site)       KWCAS01

EWS (Default Web Site)       KWCAS02

PS C:\> Get-OabVirtualDirectory

Server                        Name                          Internal Url                  External Url
------                        ----                          ------------                  ------------
AWCAS02        OAB (Default Web Site)

AWCAS01        OAB (Default Web Site)

KWCAS01        OAB (Default Web Site)

KWCAS02        OAB (Default Web Site)

PS C:\> Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory

Name                                                              Server                                  InternalUrl
----                                                                     ------                                  -----------
Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync (Default...     AWCAS01

Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync (Default...     AWCAS02                       

Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync (Default...     KWCAS01                       

Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync (Default...     KWCAS02                       

PS C:\> Get-ClientAccessServer | Select-Object autodiscoverServiceInternalURI


PS C:\>

Thanks for any help you can give....
cdshreveAuthor Commented:
Ended up adding the new URLs to our SAN cert.
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