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using the sync option in vmware converter

I am in the process of virtualizing some of our servers and I wanted to use the final sync option to complete the conversion. My question is do I need to keep the newly created VM server powered off when I run the final sync? I wasn't sure if the virtual server had to stay powered off until the final sync is done or does it need to be powered on to do the final sync.

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I need to make some config changes to the new VM such as changing the number of NICs, adding additional hard disks, etc. In the VM I need to change the location of the pagefile and cleanup the unneeded drivers. Can I do this before the final sync job runs or do I need to wait for the final sync to complete before making any changes to the new virtual machine?
Wait for FINAL SYNC!

if you make any changes to the VM, they will be overwritten by the SYNC!
Thanks for responding I've already made the changes on one on the converted servers. I removed a NIC, added a drive, device mode SCSI location, configured windows setting such as moved the page file to the new drive I added, configured the IP address on the virtual NIC. Will the final sync work and will Windows still load? Should I delete the new VM and convert the server again?
There are many changes there.
Delete VM start again
And then once the p2v has finished which also means final sync

Change VM.
Thanks again!!!