DNS Switcharoo.

Ok, here's the setup:

Domain Controller/DNS Server 1 (At Office) (Server 2008 R2)
Domain Controller/DNS Server 2 (At Datacenter) (Server 2008 R2)
Domain Controller/DNS Server 3 (At Datacenter) (Server 2012)

When anyone here at the office runs ipconfig /all it will show DNS like this:

DNS Servers........... : DNS Server 1 IP Address
                                  DNS Server 2 IP Address

Issue: We want to retire DNS Server 2 and use DNS Server 3 in its place. DNS Server 1 and DNS Server 3 are already pointed at each other. The goal is to have everyone's ipconfig /all to look like this:

DNS Servers........... : DNS Server 1 IP Address
                                  DNS Server 3 IP Address

We want to pull DNS from 1 & 3 and not 1 & 2 like it is now. I believe fixing this problem means going into DNS Server 1 and adding 3 as a host and deleting 2 from DNS. I'm not sure step by step how to do this, though and/or what I need to do on 2 & 3. Any help on proper way of pointing 1 at 3 so we all pull from 1 & 3 is greatly appreciated.
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You shouldn't manually have to edit DNS entries.

Your DHCP is likely giving the DNS servers to the client PCs. If you change the scope options to give out DNS servers 1&3 all of the client computers will pickup the new info when they renew ip. you can force a client to renew the info with ipconfig /renew which will reflect the changes to the scope.

In all Statically configured devices such as firewalls, servers, printers, etc you will have to change the DNS server in the ip settings.

when you demote the DNS 2 server it will automatically update the zone files.

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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
You would update your DHCP DNS issuing to the address specified.

Once the lease expires it should get the new records.  Or you can open up the command prompt and do the following

Ipconfig /release
Ipconfig /renew
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