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DNS records are incorrect

We have our email server (exchange 2003) to send and receive  e-mails. Our domain is relate.gr. We have a centric static IP and another 7 IP's for that reason.
Recently our ISP force us to change to their new platform because the older had many problems. BUT after we said ok the e-mails stopped coming to us!!! We realized that this started when they changed the name servers (from ns1.tellas.gr to ns1.webserve.gr). When we checked the mx records all were faulted!!!
We had mail.relate.gr and now there is nothing about it (and we can not reach the owa). Also our site is hosted in other company and not in our ISP but ISP thought that we never had a site and that was the first time and consequently considered that must be hosted from them (so now appears an irrelevant page "under construction").

Our ISP never asked us for that changes and now we have big problem. I repeatedly said to them that "we have our mail server so be careful".
I asked them to change the mx records to those in the older platform but they said that they didn't have access to the older platform to read the previous mx records. and we must talk to a technician... Such a shame!
Can anyone know what can we do?
2 Solutions
Sylvie BDirectorCommented:
You should have control of your own dns records
There are alot of services out there that will host your dns
https://web.easydns.com/ is just 1
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
So that company was hosting your records?  You can try to narrow it down by doing an MX lookup using MXtoolbox to find out who is hosting and what they are resolving to.

You will need to contact the site hosting your email and website and have them supply you with the IP that your website and email are hosted on. If you have access to that site's firewall you should be able to look at the nat rules and determine what public IP corresponds to email and web ports respectively.

Once you have that, you can have your isp recreate the DNS zone file records but you will be at the mercy of propigation and may have to wait 24 hours even if they recreate the DNS zone properly.
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nonlinearlyAuthor Commented:
with the new platform we have access to the dns records... but if I knew how to do and what can I do then I will not ask anything....!!!

if you do an mx lookup then you will see that the mail servers are:
These are the mail servers of our ISP not ours. So we need to replace them to mail.relate.gr and this address must point to one of pool ip's.

I said that the e-mails are hosted by our mail server and the web site are hosted not to ISP but to another company. Our ISP hosts only the dns records not the site (even if the ISP decides -after the transition to the new platform to take the host without asking us!!!)
Since a third party hosts your email and web servers you will need to request from them the public IP address of your email server and web server

Once you have that info, you would create an 'A record' for mail.relate.gr. that points to the public IP. Also create an 'A record' for www.relate.gr. if needed and point it to your web server's public IP.

Now, delete the current MX records and create a new MX record for mail.relate.gr. with a priority of 10.

Then waite for the changes to propagate through the internet.

Once this is complete, a mail server sending an email to anyone @relate.gr will see the responsible mail server is mail.relate.gr and the A Record will direct the server to the proper IP for Mail.relate.gr
If your email is hosted on a server at your location you can research the Public IP yourself by looking in the firewall.

Look for a rule that allows port 25 and check the public IP associated with that rule. That should be the public IP for mail.relate.gr... Follow the directions above to create an A record and then a MX record to direct mail to your mail server from internet servers.
nonlinearlyAuthor Commented:
YOU ARE awesome!!!
I do exactly what you said and everything ok...
Glad to hear your back up an running.
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