Use my own router, not the one supplied by AT&T Uverse

In my house I have ATT U-verse with a 2Wire 3800HGV-B

I don't want to replace the functionality of the router because I know it's necessary, but I would like to broadcast wireless from my own router, not the 2Wire.  Easy enough, so I disabled wireless on my 2Wire, plugged my wifi router into the 2Wire and configured with no success.  

Any tips and tricks to make this happen?  DHCP on or off on the 2Wire?  Plug my router into switch with LAN or WAN port?  What to configure my router with such as DNS and Gateway information?

Any help is appreciated.  Thank you!
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Connect it to the the switch's LAN port.  I would suggest using DHCP and let it configure the DNS and gateway on your wireless router automatically.
AxISQSAuthor Commented:
Do I connect my router's LAN port to the 2Wire?

Leave DHCP enabled on the 2Wire or my router?

Sorry, just want to clarify.  Thanks!
Soulja53 6F 75 6C 6A 61 Commented:
What kind of router are you using?
You could connect your routers WAN port to the 2wire Lan Port.
Disable NAT on your router.
 Assign a static address on the wan port that is in the same subnet as the 2WIRE LAN. Exclude it from the 2wire dhcp scope.
Configure another subnet on the lan side of your router.
Configure the default route on your router to point to the 2wire.
One 2wire add a static route to get to the network on the LAN side of your router.
Leave DCHP on your router.
AxISQSAuthor Commented:
here's the router i'd like to use:

i think i follow what you're saying, except 'configure the default route on my router to point to the 2wire' and 'on 2wire add a static route to get the network on the LAN side of my router'

those are the only things i'm confused on.  thanks for your time!
Or simply.
2wire should do DHCP has to be different subnet from which your router uses.
Connect the wan port of your router to one of the lan ports of the 2wire router.
Have DHCP enabled for your router as server for your lan
Have the wan interface setup for dhcp client
Nat everything on your router over the wan interface.

So say you have ---publicip---2wire--- network clients

Your router will nat network to ip address on
and the 2wire router will nat it as the public ip.
Default route will be provided from the 2wire to your router
from your router to your clients.

Minimal config.

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