Resource authentication being lost intermittently after moving laptop

I wasn't sure what to title this, but here is my situation.

I'm the tech for a small office network of Windows 7 computers on a Windows 2008 domain.

Ever so often a user will message me about how they are being prompted for a username/password when trying to access our intranet pages (which should not prompt for authentication if the person is already on the internal network), but the internet, Outlook email, and network printers are always still accessible.

So my question is what would cause the laptop to loose it's cached credentials or cached authentication certificates when it is undocked and put into hibernation and then the next day docked back and woken up from hibernation?

- This does not happen every time the laptop is hibernated and woke back up. Only some times.

- Also a reboot of computer resolves this issue and all the intranet sites can be accessed along with all the network resources just fine after a reboot.

- Something changes that causes it to have limited or no connectivity to only some of the authentication required network resources when it is undocked/hibernated and then woken up again.

I hope I explained this clearly.

Thanks for your input.
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tmoore1962Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Could be that those network resources weren't accessed with 15 minutes of the hibernation and were disconnected automatically by windows
You can adjust the autodisconnect in registry to test this
HKLM\System\currentcontrolset\Services\Lanmanserver\parameters\autodisconnect change from F (15min) to FFFF (65535 min) reboot and monitor the system for the issue
ryanmavesAuthor Commented:
okay I think I see what you mean, so are you saying that if those resources are accessed within a certain time frame before going into hibernation, then the hibernation state will hold on to that connection?

I'm checking my understanding.
ryanmavesAuthor Commented:
Haven't really been able to duplicate the issue as it is intermittent but I will certainly take your recommendation in to account when I see it happening again.

That makes sense what you suggested. Thank you!
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