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I am importing a flat file through SSIS and doing some processing and export it to SQL table. I have a few date fields in the file, I import them as text and eventually put them in the SQL table as a date field.

The problem I have is some of the dates in the date fields are sent to us as "9999-99-99", and thoes don't work, they just show up in my table as null, so what I would like to do is replace "9999-99-99" with a valid date like "2013-01-01".

So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestion on how to do this, without creating a staging table or changing the dates in the actual file.

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Jim HornConnect With a Mentor Microsoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
That would be a derived column task placed between the source and destination, that replaces the column, with an expression that goes something like this:
REPLACE(TheDateField, "9999-99-99","2013-01-01")

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OpusJonesAuthor Commented:
I could swear I already tried that, but it worked.

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