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Windows 2012 Expanding Cluster Volume Storage - Cluster Limit Failure

OS is Windows 2012 and I am trying to extend a cluster volume storage partition from 10 TB to 20 TB.  I have the LUN at 20 TB and Windows sees the 20 TB disk in both Disk Management and in Failover Cluster Manager -> Storage -> Disks.

I am following the procedure in the this TechNet article:

When I run the extend command in DiskPart I get the following error:

Virtual Disk Service error:
The volume cannot be extended because the number of clusters will
exceed the maximum number of clusters supported by the file system.

I also get this same error when I try to extend the drive through Disk Management.

My disk partition is GPT so I should have a 256 TB storage limit.  

I've Googled around but could not find anything related to this issue for 2012.

Any suggestions on how to successfully extend my Cluster Storage Volume?


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I faced the similar issue in extending a 32 TB drive by another 10 TB.
I reformatted the drive using a 64k allocation unit size and then extended the drive to 42 Tb