Comparing two Email folders for Different Emails

I have two email folders that have close to 80% the same emails. I am trying to identify which folder has emails that the other doesn't.

Does anyone have an idea?


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just a thought.
if you can script out the contents of each folder and identify something in the email to mark it as unique then you can paste both lists into excel.
then combine both list and run a the remove duplicates function against the entire list, leaving each list in tack on another tab/range
then vlookup against the master list into the original lists.

Subject  Folder1                                           Folder2
Hi          =vlookup("HI",Folder1,1,False)       =vlookup("HI",Folder2,1,False)

this theoretically will show you which emails are in both folders.
not that elegant but it will work

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In Outlook 2007 I can create a list of emails in an excel file by following the below steps. I suspect that a similar process may work in Office 2010.
- click on one of the emails within the relevant folder
- press [ctrl + a] to select all the emails in the folder
- press [ctrl + c] to "copy" all the emails
- then switch to an empty excel sheet in an open file
- press [ctrl + v] to create a list of the details based on the columns that are visible in your Outlook folder.

Do the same for the other folder of emails & then follow the steps that Glowman has suggested for comparing the lists.

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