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Hp Pavilion Notebook screen flickers


I have a Hp Pavilion DV7-4177nr . I just replaced the bottom case since the thread that resides on the case which holds the LCD panel/hinges, broke off. I assume this was an invoked by an assembly mistake prior to me taking over.

If i push back the screen back - adding a little bit of pressure as if I was opening the laptop - the screen shows fine. As soon as I release it starts to flickers again.

Could my flickering problem be related to the hinges, video cable or a different sensor I am overlooking?

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Video cable not properly fixed in socket?  and your pressure is making the contact.

Or perhaps a video cable being strained or flexed too much.

Or possibly the laptop has a video on/off switch which is meant to work when the laptop either opens or closed and at present it is jumping between the two states.  I suspect this isn't the fault but also keep it in mind.

Either way you are going to have to do some more dismantling and troubleshooting.

Also try the laptop plugged into an external monitor and see if the problem comes across.
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I forgot to mention earlier, that was my initial troubleshooting step. I plugged an external monitor. it works ok.

Actually, I thought the issue is the "switch" which is meant to work when the laptop open/closes - what you said. But I don't know where is this switch. Is it embedded with the entire LCD tray panel?

I also pushed down the video cable into the socket to ensure it is seated properly.

A service guide may be here

I can't download and examine it myself at present.  That may answer the question as to the location of the switch.
The inverter could be going bad also.
it may be necessary to replace the video cable, it can be partly broken by the prior problem
for some reason I am leaning towards the inverter. when i push back the screen it stays on fine. when i release the pressure I apply by the web cam area, the screen goes black again.

Pretty sure its the inverter?
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hi nobus,

when i push back its a really light touch. Also when its blacks, i don't see the faint screen you refer - which i have seen in the past.

I dont have other parts to swap out and troubleshoot. But I want to make sure I order the correct part.

so it looks like you loose the video, and that points to the cable again
I will be dismantling the screen today. Will update you later
question. I just found an older 17" Hp Pavilion notebook. I was wondering if the inverter is a generic component that I may be able to swap to the new LCD ?

Or do i need an inverter specifically for my dv7-4177nr
if the connectors are the same, you can try; but i'm not sure they use the same on all models
i ordered the inverter..
That's what I suggested on 9/11. Hopefully it will resolve the issue.
..and also ordered the cable for giggles :)
thx much! I will keep you posted asap
so it was the vga cable indeed. I replaced the cable all seems fine.
it was the connector on the motherboard that was bad..when i would push down on it, the screen would display perfect until i released it.
tx for feedback
so i installed the new video cable...same issue
then it looks like a bad contact in the connector on the mobo
that is what I am afraid of :/

it looks like someone took apart the laptop before I did...its possible that the laptop was re-assembled poorly

Since the contact on the mobo looks ok..I am wondering if the LCD has anything to do with flickering..but deep down inside i know - as you guys mentioned - this is a "contact/connector" issue so..

..can i be 100% certain it is not the LCD...and I stuck having to by a motherboard? or take it to a mobo specialist where they can possibly fix the mobo video connector?

Thanks much!
google for laptop repair shops in your neighbourhood
>>  or take it to a mobo specialist where they can possibly fix the mobo video connector?

They'd probably recommend board replacement.

You could try spraying electrical contact cleaner into the connector and seeing if that helps or perhaps you can try clamping the connector or wedging something into the connector to make a tighter connection.  All these you do at your own risk.
thanks again..

I am going to try the electrical contact cleaner first ::crossing my fingers::

If that doesn't work, I have consulted with a local guy I know who specializes in mobo refurbs.

Either way, I will keep everyone posted.