Windows 7 offline files

We are having issues with offline files and Windows 7.  We have a network folder mapped to the my documents folder and set to be always available offline.  We are still having issues with users reporting of grey Xs being on files and unable to open them.  

AD – Server 2003 Standard SP2
File Server – 2008 R2 Enterprise
Client – Windows 7 Pro SP1
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In my experience, the problem is with the client, Win7, offline files seldom works properly.
brranceAuthor Commented:
I have looked for solutions and all I am seeing is reg edits...hasn't Microsoft put out a patch or a fix for this issue?  There has to be a lot of people trying to utilize offline files and having this issue.
The problem lies in either the Sync Center having a sync conflict or otherwise not completing a sync, or detection of a slow connection(wireless or wan). As far as i know the registry changes affect slow link detection, but will not resolve the sync issues.

Dont even get me started as to why an offline files sync on a user's  replacement computer will not complete until you disable windows search indexing until the initial sync completes.

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brranceAuthor Commented:
we have found a solution.  the solution was with the users not having proper rights to a parent folder.

thanks everyone for your help.
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