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Wordpress Posts to Facebook using Facebook Page Publish v0.4.1

I am using the Facebook Page Publish Plugin for Wordpress and its working.  However, the post only appears in my Facebook Pages account when I am logged in.  However, it does not appear to the public unless I go into my FB account and physically Share the link.  Seems a bit redundant.  Is there a setting I am missing?
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Jason C. Levine
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and this does the same thing?  Why is it better?
and this does the same thing?

The Publicize plugin connects WordPress sites to a Twitter account, Facebook account or Page, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Path.

Why is it better?

Because it works and your current one doesn't?
Good point.  Will there be a problem with all the other plugins I have that involve FB Like, Tweet, newsletter sign up, etc....   It looks like Jetpack does alot but I already have plugins for many of these things.  Will this cause issues?
There's always a chance of conflicts but you should be okay.

Jetpack can also replace any current Tweet This (Insert Content Here), Like This (Insert Content Here) plugin via the Publicize module but you lose out on a little flexibility with the Jetpack version (it appends the icons at the top and/or bottom of the nifty floating sharebars, etc).  You don't have to have the sharing enabled along with the auto-publish to Facebook though.

For the newsletter sign up, you should be fine.  What else is of concern?