Individual Windows applications making remote tcp/ip connections

Is it possible to find out which third party application on Windows 2K8 R2 server is making remote TCPIP connection?

We are in the process of retiring one database server/hardware and in the process of moving databases off of it, however, when we netstat on the db server it shows one Web Portal server still making connection. We have changed all the pointers on the web server to point to the new db server, but we still a consistent connection from the web server.

Is there a tool that I can download and run it on the portal server can tell me which app is making that connection?

Thanks, Sharad
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run 'netstat -anb ' from the command line.
the b will cause netstat to display the process name, the -an shows ports ordered numerically.

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Giovanni HewardCommented:
If you prefer a GUI, see TCPView.
sharad_raiAuthor Commented:
Ended up using WireShark for its flexibility and rich reporting.

Since both suggestions pointed me to the right direction hence, splitting the points between two.
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Giovanni HewardCommented:
I had actually modified my comment to omit wireshark, as it doesn't actually identify the process/application making the connection.  For that, you'll need one of the suggestions above.
sharad_raiAuthor Commented:
Hmmm, I did try both before trying WireShark. It's statistics --> conversation List --> IP4 and then Follow the Stream feature helped me see one of the web forms was trying to make that connection.
Giovanni HewardCommented:
Wireshark identifies MAC, IPv4/IPv6 addresses, ports, protocols, packets, etc. while the programs above identify the actual process names communicating on those ports (executable file names, paths, process ID (pid), etc. relevant to the machine the program is running on.  Different tools for different uses.  Glad you identified the problem!
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