Exchange user with two mail addresses - using rule to separate mail


I have an exchange user that has an e-mail address and also This is configured in the e-mail address tab in exchange management console > recipient configuration > mailbox > user properties.

Anyway, I'm trying to user a rule in outlook to put mail to into a certain folder.  I tried using a rule that looks for "specific words in the recipient address".  When I configured it Outlook told me it would be a client only rule.  However the rule failed to work properly.  Mail was not moved into the folder.

I can see that in the headers of the mail message it shows

Can anyone tell me how this is to be accomplished properly?

Thanks very much in advance.

Schuyler KuhlAsked:
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Schuyler KuhlAuthor Commented:
I guess it was easier than i thought. I did it by looking for specific words in the message header.
that's the one.
most of the rules work on the user's user account & primary email address and don't tend to take into account that there are multiple addresses as their account is 'assumed' to be using the primary address.

matching content in the actual message header is probably the easiest way to achieve what you want.

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Schuyler KuhlAuthor Commented:
thank you very much.
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