Downgrading IE 10 when it is PreInstalled to a New PC

When a new 64 bit PC/Laptop comes into our office with Windows 7 Pro installed -- it has IE 10 already in place.  We have an app in our office (intranet) that does not work with IE 10 so we need to downgrade it back to IE 9.  When we uninstall IE 10 it rolls back to IE 8 and then we upgrade to IE 9.  The problem is consistent -- if we do this -- users get errors when they try to download a file from any internet site.  Gives a can't access or file does not exist.  Anybody else have this downgrade issue or know what the fix may be.
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citechsolutionsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
creating a new profile appears to fix the issue
Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
I have a question..  Not necessarily the "fix" but have you tried F12 Developer mode where you run in say IE8, or IE9 mode?  We have a call tracking system that does not work in IE8+ and I have been running my work laptop in IE7 compatibility mode for going on two years now and I have had no issue with other sites - public or Intranet.


citechsolutionsAuthor Commented:
didn't get any possible fixes
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