Microsoft Word: How to Turn Off the Phrase "HYPERLINK"


Yesterday, here on my laptop where I have Office 2010 64-bit installed, I was experimenting with hyperlinking for bookmarks.

Now, every document that I have saved on my laptop and any new document that I created that has an e-mail address on it or a URL is surrounded by the phrase "HYPERLINK" and squiggly line characters.

So, I cannot easily see the e-mail addresses or URLs of documents that I've had saved for years!

I can fix manually by right-clicking on the phrases and choosing "Remove Hyperlink".

But, that's quite annoying to do one at a time.

I tried the Word Options setting where I turn off the checkbox "Internet and Network Paths...".  But, that did not solve the problem.

Is there any other setting?  I can't believe that playing with hyperlinks on one document has caused this issue for all of my documents!

Thanks!  Much appreciated!

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Try pushing Alt + F9

If that doesn't work, try this:

Click on the Office button
Select Word options
Select Advanced.
Scroll down and in the section “show document content” you need to uncheck “show field codes instead of their values”.
Click OK

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You could try the Alt + F9 display toggle.
TBSupportAuthor Commented:
Thank you, pmitllc!  You saved me a lot of grief!
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