new to wordpress - limiting what your people can edit in the admin area


I am new to wordpress and I am making a website where the customer will use wordpress as a CMS. I've never used wordpress before so I don't really know what I'm doing and I'm playing around with a theme I have downloaded.

The main content of the theme pages is built using a visual editor where you add and remove elements from a list of things such as text editor and social icons etc. I dont know if this visual editor is common to most templates? I'm pretty sure it wasnt there when i was looking at the 2 built in templates with wordpress.

Anyhow I am making a page which will consists of be several text areas and widget areas but I only want one of these to be editable by the customer. Is this possible? I believe there are plugins to restrict the admin panel but I don't know if these would allow me to turn off the visual editor and just let one of the text elements be edited in a text editor as is typical of a simple wordpress page

thanks in advance
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If you are using the plugin that I previously recommended for the additional text area, then you will need to wrap the php call to that text area in your template html with a conditional that checks the users role or capabilities and if the test fails then just have it display nothing.

I believe that the plugin may also have permissions built into it, read more on that here.

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andiejeAuthor Commented:

I didnt use the plugin for this. I didnt need a plugin.

What I am saying is that there is a content area on the page which you can build up in this visual editor that comes with the theme. I can add a whole load of widgets (i think thats the right name) to the page area by simply dragging them into. I presume this functionality comes with the theme. I dont know for sure having never used wordpress or any other theme. I have dragged a whole load of widgets into the page area (see screenshot) and I am wondering if there is a way of setting the page so that only the 'text with title' widget could be edited by a certain type of user

Hey there. It might help if you posted the name of the theme - themes in WordPress can vary a lot, and the particular theme you're talking about looks to have a lot of custom functionality - definitely beyond a normal WordPress theme. Thanks!
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