Konica minolta c5500 scanner issues with server 2012 essentials

I recently installed server 2012 essentials to my network that was running smb server 2003 at which time lost the ability to scan from the c5500 to the shared folder on the server. Previously with 2003 running i was able to do this. When installing the new 2012 OS i used the same name of the server, same ip address, same domain name. I can print to the printer but can not scan from the printer to the server or any other PC in the office. I created a user called scanner and gave the user Administrative previledges and full controll of the shared folder called "scans". I attempted to scan from the bizhub c5500 to the share folder on the server using the server name and also with just the server IP. No success scanning. I opened up the 445 ports on the server for SMB scanning.
The is a production printer for a printing company and they need to get the scanner working. Any one have any idea why the change when moving from server smb 2003 to server 2012 might have caused this?
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I can't tell you why it broke (could be lots of things) but I can tell you how I would resolve it.

That would be to use FTP instead of SMB file transfers from the scanner to the server.
WorleyBirdAuthor Commented:
The Konica Minolta is a bizhub Pro c6500 not c5500. It has a Fiery s450 as part of its printing and scanning process. All the information on the system indicates that the smb should work. I am able to ping the printer's ip address. I changed the SMB 3 on the server 2012 to SMB 1 to see if that made a difference, No change. I was able to scan to the server from a different bizhub using SMB. Both bizhubs are on the same workgroup. I used IP address to scan to the server the bizhub pro c6500 did work the other bizhub 1050 did.
I did try to scan using FTP with no success.
James GnadingerNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I too built a new file server using 2012 R2 and now my Konica copiers will not scan to the user folders on the new file server. I was told by one service tech at Konica that it was a Microsoft issue and that they were going to have a fix sometime in December, but another tech said their were no issues with 2012 R2. Something is wrong and it may have to do with the fact that 2012 R2 uses SMB 3.02 instead of 3.0. Not sure, just grabbing at straws.
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AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
1. How did you input the username?
The conventional username (NetBIOS) will not work. You have to use a domain style even if you don't have a domain environment.


The other issue may be the security settings on the server.

Access security policies
- Run Window
- Secpol.msc
- Local Policies
- Security Options
Change the following settings
Microsoft network client: Digitally sign communications (always) - Disabled
Microsoft network client: Digitally sign communications (if server agrees) - Disabled

Try the connection with the 1st setting, if it works, then skip the 2nd. If neither works, return the settings back to original.

What this does is check if there is a digital signature with Microsoft. Manufacturers have to pay Microsoft to obtain a digital certificate for every version of their software. A new certificate is required for every version of the software. Microsoft will test the program and certify it.
Most manufacturers only obtain the certification for the initial version of their software. Some don't even bother.

By turning it off, The server will not look for the certification.

If neither of the above does not work, you may want to have the firmware of your copier upgraded.

Lastly, look for SMB settings in admin mode and select NTLMv1/2 option if available or NTLMv2
James GnadingerNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Thank you for the response. We had already tried the steps you list above, but to no avail.

We have found a solution that will fix the issue. Our solution is to build a vm with server 2008r2 as the OS. We are going to propagate it with our AD users and point the scan to file at that server. We will create a GP that will create a map drive to the users directory on that server when they log in.

We looked at ftp as a solution, but it has too many drawbacks such as the inability to scan to a different users folder and to track scans.

I hope this helps other users out there looking for a fix to the broken scan to file issue in server 2012r2.

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AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I was able to reproduce the problem and implemented scanning on Server 2012R2

Either of these works (tested and confirmed)

If you're still interested, here is a link that may help you

Solution 1: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2696547/en-us
Solution 2: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2896636/en-us
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