Oracle XE question


We want to develop an application and we want to decide what database to use.

We though of MySql, Oracle Xe or Sql server.

Oracle states that Oracle Xe can use 1 CPU, 1GB Ram,        11GB database.

Does this mean, that the computer should not have more of above, or the database will not use more resources than those?

I mean nowadays I simply cannot assemble a computer with 1 Gb ram and 1 core Cpu ... even my mobile phone has more :-)

Thank you
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>Does this mean, that the computer should not have more of above, or the database will not use more resources than those?

Computer can have anything it wants.  Only the Oracle XE instance can consume what is bound by the license.

I believe it is up to you to abide by the license.  I believe there are some safe-guards built in that will limit some things like CPU, memory, disk but there are also some hardware tricks that might fake it out.  If you use those, you are accountable.

Just because you can get it to run in an unlicensed state doesn't mean it is licensed...
starhuAuthor Commented:
Should I ask Oracle directly to be sure?
It won't hurt to ask Oracle if you have a question about licensing.

XE is hardwired so  "the database will not use more resources than those"

I've run XE on a multi-core-multi-processor machine with 32gb of ram and far more than 11gb of storage.  XE runs just fine but it does not come anywhere close to using all of the hardware.  It only uses one core of one processor, never consumes more than 1gb of memory and will generate an error if you try to load more than 11gb of data.

I'm not sure what "hardware tricks" slightwv is referring to.  I believe that it would be possible to circumvent the licensing restrictions but I don't recommend doing that (and I'm sure he isn't either.)

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