How do you update a joined table in SQL SERVER?

Hi all,

I been trying for days to figure this one out and can't seem to get the task done.

I have two tables in SQL SERVER 2005.  Table 1 is tblRecords and table 2 is tblRecords_appts and I need to join them to get be able to update the right records.

I need to update all records that have wedding dates that have passed and set canceled to yes.  

So I figured the correct update statement would be:
UPDATE tblRecords_appts INNER JOIN
                      tblRecords ON tblRecords_appts.rid = tblRecords.rid
SET tblRecords_appts.cancelled = 'Y'    
WHERE     (tblRecords.weddate < '10/1/2013') AND (tblRecords_appts.locationid = '17') AND (tblRecords_appts.cancelled = 'N')

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but obviously that is not working :(

I'm pretty sure it has to be an additional select under where.  Any help would be appreciated!

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Tony303Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this in a test platform first....

UPdate   tblRecords_appts
SET tblRecords_appts.cancelled = 'Y'
FROM  tblRecords_appts ,  tblRecords
WHERE tblRecords_appts.rid = tblRecords.rid
AND tblRecords.weddate < '10/1/2013'
AND tblRecords_appts.locationid = '17'
AND tblRecords_appts.cancelled = 'N'
Christopher KileCommented:

This article contains an example of a joined update.  Note that only one table gets updated at a time (UPDATE tablename SET field1 = value1 FROM tablename INNER JOIN table2name ON tablename.key1 = table2name.fkey1 WHERE table2name.field2 = value2).  Need more?  I can help.  Also, here is a link to the Technet article on UPDATE:
Brian CroweConnect With a Mentor Database AdministratorCommented:
UPDATE tblRecords_appts
SET cancelled = 'Y'
FROM tblRecords AS R
INNER JOIN tblRecords_appts AS A
   ON R.rid = A.rid
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mateogpAuthor Commented:
This was exactly what I needed to complete the task!  Thanks so much!
Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Too bad I didn't post exactly the same thing LoL
mateogpAuthor Commented:
Sorry BriCrowe.  I tried you're solution and added on the where first and it didn't work.  I just tried it again and it did work.  I'd give split credit but I don't think I can revise that now.
Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
It's really not a big was a momentary annoyance and was rather petty on my long as mateogp got the answer need it's all good.

mateogpAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry about that either way.  I did request attention just haven't received any response yet.  Thanks for the help everyone!!
How is the point split going?
mateogpAuthor Commented:
Oops sorry Tony I thought this was all taken care of.  I did the split!
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