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Bombarded with icons on home screen

I keep seeing icons appearing on the home screen of my Nexus 7.  One is a link to an "Newest Apps" promotional webpage.  Another is a whole slew of  links that take me to the Google Play screen for a game I'm not interested in. There was also one for Expedia.

I remove the icons by dragging them to the trash can, but the next day I go to my home screen and there they are again.

I must have some sort of infection, but I don't know how to go about detecting it.

Can anybody help me on this?

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Mohammed Khawaja
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My suggestion would be to delete one app at a time till you find the offending app.
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Have you tried rebooting it? Did the AV scanner come up with anything? When did this start (update, system change)?
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Is there an AV scanner for Adroid?
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There is the possibility that you downloaded a "legitimate" app, but it just so happens to be spamware. (I tend to think a bit more dire when I throw around the word "virus," but I'm probably just playing semantics.) Have you (or someone who has access to your phone) downloaded any new apps recently?