reapply permissiong to mailbox user in exchange 2010 sp1 powershell?

i'm trying to confirm that still has the test5username permission.

how do i do this by being specific to in the syntax below?
also whats the syntax to list the existing permission before running the syntax below, specific to the mailboxuser5?

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited | Add-MailboxPermission -User MyAdmin -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType all
(note - got above from

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SubsunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To list permission.. Try..
Get-Mailbox | Get-MailboxPermission

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To assign FullAccess for test5username on mailbox
Get-Mailbox | Add-MailboxPermission -User test5username -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType all

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dee30Author Commented:
i think i used this but can't remember; assigning in order to close. thx
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