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Hi all!  
We have 1 phone number and 3 businesses running off it.  We want to have someone call the one number, and have the option to "Hit "1" for business A, Hit "2" for business "B", etc", then of course be able to route the call differently for each. (I am sure there is a name for this feature --- call routng? Off-hand not sure)
Does anyone have any suggestions of software or a service to handle this?  We were thinking "GOOGLE VOICE", but it doesn't look like it does what we need. And with the state of software & technology, don't want to go buy a complete phone sytem hardware just to manage 1 phone number, unless there is a handset-hardware that will solve this problem for us.
Thanks for any assistance!!!!!!!!!
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The feature is generally called auto-attendant or IVR (Interactive Voice Response),  typically setup for different departments ie. sales, service etc.  User hits the number and the call is transferred to the appropriate phone.

These days this can be done either locally with a phone system on site or through some form of hosted service - which just means the phone system is on the providers site.  Here's an example of a full features hosted service,

These days auto-attendant in a basic form is available with many business voip plans.

I'm sure if you search you likely can find an actual phone with this feature as well.  Some of the multiline/multiphone units can handle it.  These are essentially small phone systems, here's a Panasonic Unit,

I think this these start around $350 or so.

The next stage is to go with a PBX unit,  there are some affordable units that will get you more functionality than a phone unit.

The linked unit is in the same price range as the Panasonic but is a PBX and does not include a handset.

As with anything shop around,  hosted voip prices and features vary as do prices for phone/PBX units.  I would highly recommend reading the manuals to be certain a device actually does what the feature list says - or that it works in a way that fits your needs.  ie. a unit that only handles 2 options or only does voice prompts for the answering machine.

yes .it is absolutely right.Better way to install local PBX it will give you auto attendant and voice mail functionality.But as a telecom Engineer i need to tell you some difficulties.Some times you will call out side.they will not attendant call and after few hours they will call back you.That time it will hit auto attendant system how they select company ?.Even if you have reception call will get her.reception person need to call three internal companies.It is difficulty right?.

Thank you.

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