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need assistance creating a query based distribution group for direct reports

can someone provide the OPATH logic to create a QBDG [query based] that captures the following:

mgr.Jsmith-team --- (all my direct reports, and everyone who reports into them, etc.)

thanks in advance.

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Thanks Subsun, yes I have that syntax but is there a way to recursively capture all direct reports... i.e. if you have 4 direct reports, and they have 4 direct reports under them, is there a query that we can run to capture the full recursive set of people that roll up to you?

many thanks.

Ahh.. hierarchy..I don't think it's possible.. you can have a script to update the group membership..and you can schedule to to run daily/hourly..
OK thanks Subsun. I wasn't sure if it was possible but that answers it for me.
thanks again!