Execute an Update and Select at the same time?

I'm trying to update a table in my SQL Server DB. I'm trying to do it in the simplest way possible but not sure of the syntax or if it's possible for what I want to do. Here is what I have. Visually, the columns being updated don't match but I'm changing the column name and type once the data is converted.

    UPDATE Transactions B
          SET B.acctName = (SELECT acctID FROM Accounts WHERE acctName = B.acctName)

This is what I'm trying to accomplish but the syntax is rejected.
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Scott PletcherConnect With a Mentor Senior DBACommented:
You had the statement essentially right.  It's just that an alias can't appear directly after the UPDATE keyword, you need to use the FROM clause to assign the alias:

UPDATE Transactions
          SET B.acctName = (SELECT acctID FROM Accounts WHERE acctName = B.acctName)
FROM Transactions B
Hi, hope this is being done in a test environment first?

and even if tested there's a backup when applying to production (just 'in case').

is the existing acctName column involved in any constraints?
BlakeMcKennaAuthor Commented:
It's all done in test and there is a backup of the DB and the acctName is not involved in any constraints.
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I would suggest then that you add a new column, of the correct data type to the Transactions table (with the wanted field name).

Then I would update that new column:

UPDATE Transactions
INNER JOIN Accounts ON Transactions.acctName = Accounts.acctName
SET Transactions.????? = Accounts.acctID

Then follow-up by adding the new column to indexes as needed, and eventually dropping the unwanted column Transactions.acctName
btw: you may also want to do something like this for verification

select count(*)
from transactions
LEFT JOIN Accounts ON Transactions.acctName = Accounts.acctName
where Accounts.acctName IS NULL
BlakeMcKennaAuthor Commented:

I tried your syntax and got an error. See screenshot!
Oh, SQL Server.
UPDATE dbo.Transactions 
SET dbo.Transactions.acctID = dbo.Accounts.acctID
FROM dbo.Transactions 
    INNER JOIN dbo.Accounts 
    ON (dbo.Transactions.acctName = dbo.Accounts.acctName)

Open in new window

my bad I read "my SQL Server DB" as = MySQL

What version of SQL Server?

and this question isn't related to these either is it?

Tags: vb.net
Topic: Microsoft Visual Basic.Net

I'll fix these tags/topics later.
BlakeMcKennaAuthor Commented:
I'm using SQL Server 2008...
BlakeMcKennaAuthor Commented:
Cool...thanks for the help Scott!
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