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I had a question here about date and time calculations and esskb2d made this statement which now seems obvious to me.

esskb2d said
I would suggest you create a database for it
Use .NEt and MSSQL

Of'course that's the right answer!  I've never done it and want to start with .net and MSSQL.  So at this point I don't care what's in it.  I just want to get it up or something similar using whatever is built-in for me at my web host.  

Based on this screen, what icon should I click on?
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Note that you only have the option to install MySQL databases not MS SQL databases. There is a difference.

Click on the MySQL database Wizard icon and let it step you through. At each step, write down any user names or passwords you use and any other details as clearly as possible.

When you start coding, it will become more obvious where you will need to use the database information.
zorvek (Kevin Jones)ConsultantCommented:

I'm surprised that someone recommended moving to a .net database solution without first asking you a few questions. For example, how many records will you be creating and storing? How many users will be entering and working with the data? Do you have any experience working with databases? Based on a previous question you asked and your need for assistance with formulas, I doubt you have the skills to build a functional and effective database let alone a .net solution.

I suspect, based on the question I have seen, you will be fine with Excel.

frugalmuleAuthor Commented:

Thanks.  Very few users but there will be some shared input and display activity through a page or pages in Wordpress.

Excel can't meet sharing needs down the road and MySQL is available to anyone with a web host so I suppose I will start there.
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frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
Database called dbtest has been created.  I have recorded the username and password and have the option to click on these icons under databases again
Just so you know, Wordpress is PHP based, not .net based

You could do worse than learn the basics of MySQL and PHP - the skills you learn will help you progress towards MS SQL and .net later on.

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frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
Is there a "progression" beyond .net?  

Wordpress is by far the leading platform on the web.  Why learn anything else?
I suspect you don't understand what .net, MySQL, PHP or wordpress are or how they relate to each other.

These aren't software packages, they are a combination of those things to produce a web-based solution.

Wordpress uses PHP code to access data from a MySQL database. When you install Wordpress onto your web server, it will ask you for your database details and/or offer to create the database for you. It will then create the exact database structure required to run Wordpress.

I tend to develop for Joomla, but because that is PHP and MySQL based as well, I can use my skills in one to work with the other.

For now, I suggest you get a better handle on exactly what these things are before you try to learn them. Otherwise, you are asking us to impart years of tacit undertanding of these technologies, not just a few steps to get you underway.

We'll always still be here when you get to the point that you are starting to code, based on a sound understanding of what you are doing. You may even find that this is not the solution you are looking for anyway.
You are obviously someone who is keen and capable of learning things for yourself. If you still want to do this, try downloading Wordpress and follow all the documentation to install it.

Once it's installed and up and running, pull it apart and see what makes it tick. Go back to your host and look at the Wordpress MySQL database and then use FTP to access your web server and download a copy of the PHP files (if you haven't already got them locally) and take a look a them.
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