anything wrong

[root@server1 ~]# /usr/sbin/useradd -u 502 -c "Oracle RDBMS Owner" -g oinstall -G dba,oper,asmdba
Usage: useradd [options] LOGIN

  -b, --base-dir BASE_DIR       base directory for the new user account
                                home directory
  -c, --comment COMMENT         set the GECOS field for the new user account
  -d, --home-dir HOME_DIR       home directory for the new user account
  -D, --defaults                print or save modified default useradd
  -e, --expiredate EXPIRE_DATE  set account expiration date to EXPIRE_DATE
  -f, --inactive INACTIVE       set password inactive after expiration
                                to INACTIVE
  -g, --gid GROUP               force use GROUP for the new user account
  -G, --groups GROUPS           list of supplementary groups for the new
                                user account
  -h, --help                    display this help message and exit
  -k, --skel SKEL_DIR           specify an alternative skel directory
  -K, --key KEY=VALUE           overrides /etc/login.defs defaults
  -m, --create-home             create home directory for the new user
  -l,                       do not add user to lastlog database file
  -M,                       do not create user's home directory(overrides /etc/login.defs)
  -r,                       create system account
  -o, --non-unique              allow create user with duplicate
                                (non-unique) UID
  -p, --password PASSWORD       use encrypted password for the new user
  -s, --shell SHELL             the login shell for the new user account
  -u, --uid UID                 force use the UID for the new user account
  -Z, --selinux-user SEUSER     use a specific SEUSER for the SELinux user mapping

[root@server1 ~]#
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RindbaekSenior ConsultantCommented:
what is your problem?
jcob_lAuthor Commented:
some thing wrong with the command...
RindbaekSenior ConsultantCommented:
its much easier for us to help you if you describe

1. what do you try to achieve

2. what did you do to achieve it

3. What happend, including the error message

And please remember that, the experts are volunteers that likes to help other people, not employees of EE.
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Alexander Eßer [Alex140181]Software DeveloperCommented:
where is the username?!

useradd -u 502 -c "Oracle RDBMS Owner" -g oinstall -G dba,oper,asmdba oracle
jcob_lAuthor Commented:
Alexander Eßer [Alex140181]Software DeveloperCommented:
You posted that "screen" before, so yes, I see you're logged in as root ;-)

I mean: what is the user(name) you're trying to add?!

the question is not clear.

Is this correct:
In Linux you are logged in is as root?

Then you have issued the command:
useradd -u 502 -c "Oracle RDBMS Owner" -g oinstall -G dba,oper,asmdba

and then an error occurred?

What I believe Alex140181 has suggested is that the command needs more
such as:

useradd -u 502 -c "Oracle RDBMS Owner" -g oinstall -G dba,oper,asmdba new_ora_user

i.e. the 'new_ora_user' is the user identity that you require in Oracle (with those permissions)

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jcob_lAuthor Commented:
Alexander Eßer [Alex140181]Software DeveloperCommented:
congrats paul ;-)
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