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I have been trying to download an authentic download copy of open office freeware but i cannot seem to find one that is real & authentic, can you please provide me with a link for an authentic open office that i can download.

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Chris WongCommented:

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
LibreOffice is another free office suite which I use.
To install on which OS?

Most Linux Distro's have changed from providing OpenOffice to LibreOffice. The reason I believe is that LibreOffice is true OpenSource, while I'm not so sure about OpenOffice. Both products still have the same base. When Oracle had bought up Sun and OpenOffice, some of the developers went and founded LibreOffice because it wasn't clear whether OpenOffice would stay OpenSource and free, and even whether it would continue to exist.

So for those distro's where it isn't already pre-installed, you just get installed via the distro's package manager, as it usually is already included there. If you really want OpenOffice and not LibreOffice (as I mentioned above they currently use the same base, and so they are very similar in functions and look) you'll probably have to look for OpenOffice Repo's for your distro so you can then use the package manager to install it and keep you uptodate.
shaunwinginAuthor Commented:
Thanks - i got it!
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Oracle gave up control of OpenOffice.  It is now provided thru The Apache Software Foundation and has improved greatly in recent releases.
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