log file on TSM full


Today we got log % utilization 76%, maybe because we're making changes on all clients inclexcl configuration,but not sure how to clear this log...is there a command to do this?

How does this log works?

tsm: BIBM_TSM>q log

Available     Assigned       Maximum       Maximum        Page         Total          Used       Pct      Max.
    Space     Capacity     Extension     Reduction        Size        Usable         Pages      Util       Pct
     (MB)         (MB)          (MB)          (MB)     (bytes)         Pages                              Util
---------     --------     ---------     ---------     -------     ---------     ---------     -----     -----
    1,444        1,444             0           340       4,096       369,152       281,611      76.3      88.0

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the log you're showing is a TSM 5.x log, so I assume you're still running your old server.

Those 5.x logs are cleared by a full database backup, there is no other way.

If you can't run such a full backup right now you should increase the log size, by formatting and activating a new log.
This is done by the "define logvolume" comand. To create a new 512 MB volume run under dsmadmc:

define logvolume /path/to/new_log formatsize 512

Of course you must have sufficient space available in the concerned filesystem!

"q log" will now show  511 MB (a bit less than 512, TSM needs 1 MB per volume for metadata) under "Maximum Extension", and "Available Space" will increase.

Now that you have a new volume you must add space from this volume to the log.

Let's say you want to use 256 MB right now and keep the rest as a reserve run

extend log 256

Now you'll see "Assigned Capacity" increase and "Maximum Extension" decrease ,which means that there is more space in the log for futute transactions.

Basically, TSM 5.x has two log modes, normal mode and rollforward mode.

Normal mode protects just in-flight transcations, they're rolled back after a failure, but this mode cannot recover the database.

Roll forward does the same as normal mode and additionally keeps the log data for a possible roll forward of the database after a database restore, to perform a PIT recovery.
This implies that roll forward needs more space in the log than normal mode.

See how your log is configured with "Q OPT".

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sminfoAuthor Commented:
Hi wmp

That was what we did, create a new LV and add it to logvol on our old TSM 5.5.. log utilization decreased for some time but later it increased again...

Can  you send me  the command to make a full backup of database?
Can I make a full backup of database whenever I want?
What happened if log gets 100%? TSM goes down?
sminfoAuthor Commented:
BTW.. this is our  'q opt'

Server Option         Option Setting           Server Option         Option Setting
-----------------     --------------------     -----------------     --------------------
CommTimeOut           3,600                    IdleTimeOut           30
BufPoolSize           524288                   LogPoolSize           512
MessageFormat         1                        Language              AMENG
Alias Halt            HALT                     MaxSessions           30
ExpInterval           24                       ExpQuiet              No
EventServer           Yes                      ReportRetrieve        No
DISPLAYLFINFO         No                       MirrorRead DB         Normal
MirrorRead LOG        Normal                   MirrorWrite DB        Sequential
MirrorWrite LOG       Parallel                 VolumeHistory         /TSM/cfg/server/VolHist.tsm
MoveBatchSize         1000                     MoveSizeThresh        2048
RestoreInterval       1,440                    DisableScheds         No
NOBUFPREfetch         No                       AuditStorage          Yes
REQSYSauthoutfile     Yes                      SELFTUNEBUFpools-size     No
DBPAGEShadow          No                       DBPAGESHADOWFile      dbpgshdw.bdt
MsgStackTrace         On                       QueryAuth             None
LogWarnFullPerCe-     90                       ThroughPutDataTh-reshold     0nt                                             
ThroughPutTimeTh-reshold     0                        NOPREEMPT             ( No )
Resource Timeout      60                       TEC UTF8 Events       No
AdminOnClientPort     Yes                      NORETRIEVEDATE        No
IMPORTMERGEUsed       Yes                      DNSLOOKUP             Yes
NDMPControlPort       10,000                   NDMPPortRange         0,0
SHREDding             Automatic                SanRefreshTime        0
TCPPort               1500                     TcpAdminport          1500
HTTPPort              1580                     TCPWindowsize         64512
TCPBufsize            32768                    TCPNoDelay            Yes
CommMethod            TCPIP                    MsgInterval           1
ShmPort               1510                     FileExit
UserExit                                       FileTextExit
AssistVCRRecovery     Yes                      AcsAccessId
AcsTimeoutX           1                        AcsLockDrive          No
AcsQuickInit          Yes                      SNMPSubagentPort      1521
SNMPSubagentHost                SNMPHeartBeatInt      5
TECHost                                        TECPort               0
UNIQUETECevents       No                       UNIQUETDPTECeven-ts     No
Async I/O             No                       SHAREDLIBIDLE         No
3494Shared            No                       CheckTrailerOnFr-     On
SANdiscovery          Off                      SSLTCPPort
SSLTCPADMINPort                                SANDISCOVERYTIME-OUT     15

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You can run a full DB backup at any time, there is only a very minor loss of performance.


If the log is full TSM operations will freeze, sometimes TSM will die.

You must shut down TSM (if it doesn't go down by itself).

If you don't have sufficient "Maximum Extension"  in the log (don't confuse with "Assigned Capacity"!) you must format a log volume from command line with

dsmfmt -m -log <new log volume> xxx

(xxx = size in MB)


dsmserv extend log <new log volume> xxx

If there is already sufficient space to extend the log just run

dsmserv extend log xxx
Sorry, the logmode shows up with

q status

Seems I forgot a lot about TSM 5.x in the meantime!
sminfoAuthor Commented:

Thanks much!
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