Cron Job that runs php script every hour


I need help setting up a cron job on a server. The purpose of the cron job is to run a php script every hour. The script deletes the contents of some tables in a mySQL database.

I have tried to use the following (from this tutorial):

curl -s -o /dev/null

Even though the script runs nicely if I run it from a browser manually, the cron job doesn't run the script.

I have another cron job that works:

php -f /var/www/ -- reindexall >/dev/null 2>&1

I don't have access to the cPanel, so I have to tell my web hosting company to set up the job on the server.


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Look into the following when running a crontab job:

1- set the env. variables for the script to run
2- use full pathnames to files and dirrctories
3- redirect output and errors to files that you can check later.
4- specify the shell to use to run the script with.

Do you get any errors while running the crontab job?
webdesigner_dkAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer. I get this in the log:

Sep 11 18:05:01 prod9 /USR/SBIN/CRON[18161]: (root) CMD (curl -s -o /dev/null

Any ideas?
I think this means the job was run at that time

but did you try to put the command in a shell script with setting env. variables etc?
webdesigner_dkAuthor Commented:
My web hosting company managed to solve the problem. Thanks for your answers.

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webdesigner_dkAuthor Commented:
My web hosting company managed to solve the problem. They didn't give any details though.
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