HYPER-V VM loses network connectivity 2012


I have a Hyper-V host and 3 VM connected.
I have my host set to auto windows update.
Last night some updates were done and the host re-booted.
1 of my 3 VM started up perfectly, this was a 2003 server.
But the other 2 started up with no network connectivity, these are 2012 servers.
I went into host, and re-booted both.
All was then perfect.

Is there a proper procedure for rebooting VM Hosts, with regard to windows updates?
or should I set it to manual and do the host in a controlled way?

thanks Terry
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Daniel HelgenbergerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would strongly recommend turning off automatic updates on the hypervisor host but to do so in full manual mode. If you need high availability, use live migration prior to update.
1. Shutdown VMs
2. Switch off autostart of VMs
3. Do all updates, reboot
4. Verify all is installed correctly
5. Start VMs
6. Re-enable autostart

Or use HyperV maintenance mode which should automate this (though I never used this).

Please also see technet:

Often the hypervisor is not able to tell if the VM is correctly shut down. Then it will just suspend it or force kill it (equivalent to pull the power plug).

Also, switch off suspend and do only clean shutdowns. IMHO there are only a few things more horrible than starting a previously suspended Domain Controller VM; since it also acts as time server.
terrybuck9Author Commented:
Great thanks
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