Visual FoxPro 9 on sale?

Is it? I can't seem to find it.

Am I correct in thinking it will run on Windows 8 properly (given fixes)?
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Microsoft has not been supporting  Visual FoxPro since 2007.  So Microsoft should not sell an unsupported product officially. Also you may have problems to run it on windows 8 machine. I had troubles while installing on a 64 bit Windows 7 host.
VFP 9 works on W8 similar way as on W7...

VFP 9 uses Win32 API subsystem of Windows which is available in W8 but some restrictions on W8 exists, e.g. you cannot use tablets having non-Intel CPU to run VFP.

VFP 9 is available as a part of MSDN Professional subscription or as a boxed product in some stores, e.g.

VFP 9 is also available as OLP:

MOLP requires to buy 5 licenses of any software, so you must select another 4 products (the cheapest one is for $10 which is still cheaper than the boxed VFP).

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Microsoft does not support VFP at all... and we simply don't need the support. Did you try to call Microsoft support? And did they help? Forums like this one are much better.

VFP community support is much better than any Microsoft product support. The community is able to find a workaround to almost all problems in your VFP application.

FoxPro is still the best database product to develop desktop applications. FoxPro can also work in client - server mode as DCOM object. Relatively weak server can serve a hundred of concurrent users... with no license fees.

FoxPro community is still developing great add-ons:
You should not miss ActiveVFP for internet apps:
and FoxyPreviewer - Reporting tool add-on:
Everything free and open source.

And yes, some users can report problems when installing FoxPro on newer (64 bit) PCs but that's UAC misunderstanding obviously. FoxPro and its apps are working without problems on 64 bit PCs just some non-FoxPro COM add-ons are hard to implement...
Also some printers are not visible in VFP on W7-8/64 but that's printer driver and/or access rights issue obviously.
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CEHJAuthor Commented:
Microsoft does not support VFP at all... and we simply don't need the support.
That might be the case, but i don't have a version that will run on Win 8 and i need one
Another possibility is to install the Virtual PC with W/XP OS on W8 machine and install some older FoxPro version on the VPC.

VFP 9 SP2 is the most stable version I know.
but i don't have a version that will run on Win 8 and i need one

Have you done a Google search for:   Visual Foxpro 9 purchase

All you have to do is purchase a copy and you will have your needed version.

And, as Pavel has already said, if you need language support there are multiple support forums like this one where a wealth of information and assistance is available for the asking.

Good Luck
CEHJAuthor Commented:
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