File Monitoring on ESXi 5.1

Hello everyone,

we've been trying to find a solution for this for several weeks now and find ourselves at a dead end.

We are trying to implement File Monitoring on a ESX 5.1i Host (no third party software allowed) using SHA1 Checksums.
Additionaly we need a solution that does NOT use SSH.

Can this somehow be achieved using Power CLI?

Has anyone successfully implented File Monitoring on an ESX Server by any means?

Thanks for your Suggestions in Advance.


Lars Lehmann
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)Connect With a Mentor VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
if you have the commands, you would need to use at the ESXi console or remotely via ssh

you could use this
eSourceONEAuthor Commented:
Wow! This looks really powerfull. I will check it out and post the results here.

Might be exactly what we are looking for.

Thanks for the fast reply

Best Regards

Lars Lehmann
eSourceONEAuthor Commented:
@w_richard: We are talking about File Monitoring on an ESX Server, not Windows.

@hanccocka: Installing a third application Software on the ESX was not an option sadly, though I sincerely believe your suggested tool would have worked just fine.
We went with using chronjobs that genereate Textfiles with SHA1SUM results and copying those Files via PowerCLI to a Windows System and from there to database.
Thanks for hinting us in the right direction.
eSourceONEAuthor Commented:
Not the solution we used but I'm very positive it would have worked that way.
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