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I have lot of users having lot of links in the Finder Sidebar.

The problem is that the Server where these links reside has changed.

Is there a way to fix the path of old links pointing to new Server without recreating the Links?

My thought is , if by any scripting we can extract the existing links & then remove all of them from Sidebar.

Once this is done, we could again use a new script to recreate those links, but with the correct location.

I don't know if this is possible, so please help..

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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
An alternative to using a plist editor is to convert the plist to XML which can be edited in TextEdit or TextWrangler, then convert back to binary using this hint:

This looks like the easiest way to do what you want as you can then use a global search and replace on the XML file. Make a copy of the plist first.
The sidebar data is stored in:


Type the above line into the Go to Folder item in the Go menu in Finder.

Assuming you are using OS 10.4 or newer, the data is stored in binary, so you will need a plist editor to read it. There are several available:
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