Archive same email account between a desktop and laptop

I have a user that travels with a laptop and wants his emails archived up to a certain point off the laptop.  He also has a desktop with the same email account on it.

If I archive the email on his laptop, will it later sync with the desktop and either remove those emails on the desktop or will they stay on the Desktop?  He wants to have minimal email on the laptop and still have all of his emails accessible on the Desktop.  Is this possible with our current Office (2010) and Exchange (2007)?

Thanks for your time.
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This is possible but not in a recommended manner as Microsoft do not support PST on a network drive.

If you set up Auto Archiving and point the Archive to a shared location on the network, both systems will be able to access assuming the point is reachable.

One thing to keep in mind thtough, one system can access at a time, not both.
Carlisle_AgentAuthor Commented:
That didn't answer my original question.

If I archive the laptop, will that leave the emails on the desktop alone or will it get synced to mirror the laptop if the laptop is ever plugged back into the network?

I don't want the desktop to be archived at all, just the laptop.
Assuming your mailbox is set as standard, mail archived will be removed from both systems once the changes have sync'd.

The items will be in the PST only and not in the mailbox.

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Carlisle_AgentAuthor Commented:
Yes everything is set to standard.

I thought that would happen and I wanted to make sure. Thanks for your help rigo.
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