Exchange 2010 Public Folder Database Failover

We have a 2 node stretched DAG, with one mailbox server in main office and another in Disaster Recovery site. We have a public folder database in main site that replicates to Disaster Recovery site. Over the weekend one main site will be completely down for maintenance. We will be failing over to the mailbox server in DR Site. What needs to be done for outlook users to be able to access the replicated public folder database on mailbox server in DR site. Also when the main site is back how do we point it back?

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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
There is no DAG feature available in 2010 for PF DB's. You need to upgrade to 2013. In your case, you need to point DR site mailbox DB's to DR site PF db. That should be enough for users to get PF db access. Once you primary site is down, everything will be back to normal. As primary site mailbox DB's would be pointing to primary site PF DB.
abhi1024Author Commented:
Thanks. A quick question. If we add public folders after we failover to DR site, when the main site is back, would the new folders replicate back to main site public folder database?
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
If you have primary site added under replica list.It would replicate. Suppose you created new PF folder, then you need to add primary site under replica list.
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