Active Directory Sites and Services Script

I am looking for a way to complete a inventory of all properties in Active Directory Sites and Services and Export to Excel

Essentially I want the following data

SiteName,  Subnet, Server, Name of Server and IP address - Some sites have more than 1 server, and more than 1 subnet.

Also would like to get Site-Link for appropriate Site, and partner. with replication cost and interval

I have windows 2003 and Windows 2008 domain controllers.
Don't appear to have AD DS Web

I found a dsquery command, but it doesn't appear to work

dsquery site -o rdn -limit 0 > c:\folder\all.sites.txt
for /F %A in (c:\folder\all.sites.txt) do For /F %X in (‘dsquery subnet -site %A -o rdn’) do echo %A,%X >> c:\folder\sites.subnets.csv
for /F %A in (c:\folder\all.sites.txt) do For /F %X in (‘dsquery server -site %A -o rdn’) do echo %A,%X >> c:\folder\sites.Servers.csv
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Here is an example of what I think you need:

$Sites = [System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.Forest]::GetCurrentForest().Sites
$obj = @()
foreach ($Site in $Sites) {

 $obj += New-Object -Type PSObject -Property (
   "SiteName"  = $site.Name
   "SubNets" = $site.Subnets -Join ";"
   "Servers" = $Site.Servers -Join ";"
$obj | Export-Csv 'sites.csv' -NoType

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Reprinted from:

If you need help to modify let me know.
Life1430Sr EngineerCommented:
If you are intrested in good tool then here it is ...

Microsoft Active Directory Topology Diagrammer
This should do exactly what you need, simply plug in your text file value and go.

$sitelist = (gc sites.txt)
if (Test-path 'sites.csv')
{remove-item sites.csv -Force}
foreach ($site in $sitelist)
$Sites = [System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.Forest]::GetCurrentForest().Sites | where {$_.Name -eq $site}
$obj = @()
foreach ($Site in $Sites) {
$Sitename = $ 
$Subnets = $site.subnets
$server = $Site.servers
foreach($subnet in $subnets)
$obj +=
$sitename, $server, $subnet
$obj | out-file 'sites.csv'  -Append

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